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Fast-trak aluminum cantilever gates
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The “Fast-Trac” aluminum cantilever gate® is constructed with a one-piece top frame/track member and is welded rigid in our factory. The gate rolls on maintenance free roller truck assemblies inside the enclosed track frame, which protects them from the elements. This truck assembly consists of a one piece steel body with factory lubricated and sealed roller bearings, assuring problem free gate operation.

The “Fast-Trac®” Gate frame is constructed entirely of aluminum, which is naturally resistant to corrosion. The 2” square aluminum frame is stronger than pipe frame gates and weighs approximately two-thirds less than steel. The result is an extremely strong and lightweight gate, which is easily operated by hand. The cantilever design, with no ground-rolling wheels, eliminates the need for embedded ground tracks. In fact, the “Fast-Trac®” Gate will slide over obstacles like railroad tracks and curbs, an impossibility for ground-rolling gates.

The “Fast-Trac” aluminum cantilever gate® comes in three standard configurations:

single gate  

Single configuration

For openings up to 30 feet

Single gate shop drawing (PDF)

back-to-back gate  

Twin-Trac Cantilevered Sliding Gate™ configuration

For openings up to 50 feet

Twin-Trac gate shop drawing (PDF)

box frame gate  

Box frame configuration

For openings up to 60 feet

Box frame gate shop drawing (PDF)

    Additional documents:

Cantilever Brochure (PDF)

Gate Detail Instructions (PDF)

Gate Specifications (PDF)

Installation Instructions (Word)


    Drawings (DWG files):

Single Gate Drawing

Twin-Trac Gate Drawing

Box Frame Gate Drawing

Gate Detail


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